A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Game made by 8 university students at Tecnocampus (UPF)  as a 3-month project.

Gyromitra is a 3rd Person Shooter and Platformer in which you take control of Seiri, the forest avatar, in their quest to exterminate a mysterious enemy that is corrupting all life. 

Shoot your magic bow to create mushrooms and use them to jump higher or stun enemies. Overcome many threats, destroy your foes and save the forest! 

Video Gameplay



Gyromitra_Build_Linux_v1.2.zip 547 MB
Gyromitra_Build_Windows_v1.3.zip 512 MB

Install instructions

-Download and extract the .zip

-Execute the .exe file

Development log


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I really liked the game, graphically very beautiful landscapes. Very interesting mushroom jumping mechanic and very relaxing game